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Name: Rutin

Extract Source: Sophora Japonica

Main ingredients: Rutin ≥95%

Product Specifications: NF11 version of rutin

Detection: UV

Chemical composition: Rutin(rutin), saponins, sterol.

Introduction of Materials:.. Flos Sophorae Immaturus (English) Japanese Pagodatree Flower-bud [alias] white locust, SJ legumes Cassia Sophora japonica L buds deciduous trees, 15-25m buds form during the summer harvest. timely drying, remove branches, stems and impurities. bud ovate or elliptic, 2-6mm, diameter of about 2mm. odorless, taste slightly bitter. containing rutin (rutin), saponins, sterol. slightly cold, bitter .

Properties: odorless, greenish yellow powder composed by tiny needle-like crystals, heated to 185 ℃ -192 ℃, it will become plastic; heated to 215, it will break down

Screening experiment    Through 80 mesh sieve is 80 mesh


1, anti-inflammatory effect: intraperitoneal injection, implant wool ball significantly inhibited the inflammatory process of the product sodium sulfate (Sod rutin sulfate.) Heat edema in rats has a strong anti-inflammatory effect.

2, vitamin P-like effect, with the maintenance of vascular resistance, reducing its permeability, reducing brittleness and other effects on fatty infiltration of the liver have Quzhi effect, combined Quzhi glutathione effect is more obvious.

3, antiviral: 200μg / ml concentration of vesicular stomatitis virus has the greatest inhibition.

4, aldose reductase inhibiting effects: inhibition at 10-5M concentration was 95% in favor of the role of this treatment of diabetic cataracts.

5, toxicity: intravenous injection in mice LD50 950mg / kg.

6 Clinical: for the prevention and treatment of stroke, hypertension, retinal hemorrhage, purpura and acute hemorrhagic nephritis This product is a derivative of three glycolate Rutin (troxerutin), namely Victoria roads, for the treatment of burns, arthritis and. a variety of vascular diseases, has been the sale of goods abroad. Domestic research has also been successful, treatment efficiency 87.8% cerebrovascular disease, retinal edema and hemorrhage treatment efficiency of 88%.

7, anti-radiation: ultraviolet and X-ray has a strong absorption as Natural sunscreens, add 10% Rutin, UV absorption rate up to 98% can be used alone or in combination with baicalin, as sunscreen Main. ingredients.

8, anti-free radical action: Products added Rutin can clearly scavenging reactive oxygen species produced by cells, affecting the degree of tender skin, or even slow down the degree of skin aging.

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