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Olive Leaf Extract

Olive Leaf Extract-Hydroxytyrosol10-40%,  oleuropin 10-60% hplc

ScientificNameOlea Europaea

Main ActiveComponents/Specification

Hydroxytyrosol10%-40% ,HPLC,


CAS No. 10597-60-1



(oleuropein)oleuropin:10-60% HPLC

Color:Yellowish-brown Powder

Hydroxytyrosol  Functions

1.Neuroprotection:Protection of the brainand central nervous system from the destruction brought on by strokes andaged-related degenerative condition such us Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’sdiseases.

2.Antioxidant Powder:10 times antioxidantactivity than that of green tea.

3.Enhancing Energy Generation and HelpsPromoting Muscle Recovery Rate.

4.Protection of Low-DensityLipoproteins(LDL)particle from Oxidative Damage.

5.Cardiovasclular support:Maintenance ofnormal blood pressure.


7.Anti-Inflammatory Powder.

8.Anti-Arthritis:Helps to prevent and treatsymptoms of gout,rheumatoid arthritis and osteoarthritis.

9.Maintenance of Upper Respiratory TractHealth.

10.Acting as a Functional GastrointestinalTract.

11.Inproving Eye Health&Reducing theRisk of Against Macular Degeneration.


1.Antioxidant Powder:Protection of Low-DensityLipoproteins(LDL)particle from oxidative damage to maintain cardiovascularhealth.

2.Maintenance of Normal BloodHDL-Cholesrerol Concentration.

3.Treating Type II Diabetes:Reducing bloodsugar level,lowering oxidative stress and limiting the damage done by theinevitable blood sugar spikes.

4.Anti-Inflammatory Powder.

5.Anti-Atherogenic Effect:Preventingcoronary heart disease.

6.Anti-Cancer Activity:The most potentphenolic compound of decreasing breast cancer cell viability.

7.Strong Antimicrobial Activity:Damagingthe bacterial membrane and disrupting cell peptidoglycan.

8.Preforming HIV-RT Inhibitor.

Main Usages

1.Health Food.

2.Pharmaceutical Product.

3.Healthcare Product.

4.Beauty Product.